Wednesday, 27 March 2013

i am here and it's now.

"little flowers you have sown showed people you have known that i am love..." -denison witmer

In life, we often find that it’s the culmination of the little things making up our days that inspire our happiness, our creativity… our love for life. As I look back through the past 25 year s of my life, I see my first pair of ballet slippers, my stuffed animal, Snuggles, the moments spent laughing until my sides hurt with my best friend, making up  dance routines to my sister’s and I’s favorite songs, my grandmother teaching me to crochet….
And then there are the bigger moments in life where we have fallen in love, or created a masterpiece work of art- moments in time that bind all things big and small together to reaffirm our journey in life and inspire us to live more fully. As humans, we all share basic desires and needs and it is important for us to return to the basics of life- inspiring, creating, loving- to rekindle our passion for living the everyday, taking joy in every creation we make, every person we love, every breath we take.
While constantly seeking for the next big thing in our lives, we tend to forget those little things that make us happy, don’t we? Like the first sip of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, or the meditative peacefulness that comes with each knitted stitch.  Not fully engaging in every single thing we do with awareness and appreciation begins to negatively affect the quality of our lives, from how we express ourselves creatively to our view of the world, our relationships and our happiness. I am convinced that each of us is uniquely created to create - that our purpose here on earth is to…
inspire | create | love.
So, I want to share what makes me happy with others. I am a writer, a knitter, an art journalist, a reader, a philosopher, an organizer, a spiritualist, a naturalist,  and am trying to be a more adventurous cook. The ways in which I live my life in these roles and how I creatively express myself while doing the things I love everyday is how I make my own happiness and engage in the here and now as my own contribution, my own act of worship…
And I want you to join me in my journey.
little flowers’ mission is to inspire, create and love life while teaching others to do the same through daily creative expression. By connecting with all who take an interest in the creative life-whether that’s DIY crafting, art, cooking, music, design, natural living, holistic self-care, spirituality, etc- and all who appreciate those quarky, loveable moments in life, little flowers’ objective is to inspire, create and love life through many creative outlets, and share that with the world.

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